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Maria Pia Gardini – Declaration 1

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Experiences on the Operating Thetan Levels

I, Maria Pia Gardini declare as follows:

1. I am over the age of 18 years.

2. The statements herein are of my own personal knowledge and if called upon as a witness, I can testify competently thereto.

3. My name is Maria Pia Gardini. I am an Italian citizen.

4. I became involved in Scientology through the Narconon program. My daughter went into the program and at this time she gave me some books to read about Scientology. After 8 months or so she finished her program and told me she wanted to continue studying Scientology. My mother and I paid for her auditing up to OT VII.

5. After she was on the OT levels, she convinced me to meet some of the people in the Rome org. They convinced me to do the purification rundown and to try auditing, so I bought one intensive of “book one” auditing.

6. I started the purification rundown: on the second day I blew (left suddenly) the sauna. I was scared to death of being in the heat for four to five hours. I was 49 years old and felt I would die. Members of the org came to my home and convinced me to return and keep doing it. They said I was just going through something and if I continued, I would get out of it. So, I returned and finished the rundown. I quickly told them I was done, and I was done.

7. I then started the auditing. My father was dead and I had always been sad about his death. When I started auditing, my auditor was a very warm and kind woman and we audited almost the whole 12 hours that I had purchased on my father’s death. I went through a lot of emotions talking about his death, crying and laughing and at the end I did feel better.

8. I then decided to continue. I wanted to buy another intensive, but I was regged to buy 10 intensives more of book one auditing. Meanwhile, they also sold me an academy package so I could study to myself become an auditor. Soon, I was getting auditing 3-4 hours a day and studying an additional several hours a day.

9. When I attested the completion of book one, I was told I had to continue to handle the many more areas of my life. I then bought all the Scientology Grades auditing plus NED (New Era Dianetics.)

10. I started on the objectives. This was the first failure for me. Doing a drill called “Op Pro by Dup” involving repetitive actions with a book and bottle, I became so upset I threw the bottle at my auditor and tore up the book used in the auditing. The auditor had to physically restrain me to keep me in the room.

11. Before I had just done auditing where I had talked a lot, so of course one will feel better talking about their problems. Now, this was something different.

12. I ended up slapping the auditor and running from the room. I ran home and that evening four staff members came to get me. They explained to me that I had lost control and if I finished the auditing I would regain control. I returned with them and finished the auditing.

13. I then audited the Grades 0-IV. I did not have any great achievements during these. It was just sit there and listen and talk to the auditor. I told the C/S that I didn’t have any “wins” on this (I in fact told everyone this), but they reminded me that I had had a lot of wins before on my book one and the grades were just to stabilize me for my OT levels. They told me to just continue.

14. Then, they tried to audit me on NED, but after all the hours of book one I was desperate…I had already talked about everything! I became sick and was interviewed by someone who said I had to do the CCRD. I had paid for 12 ½ hours of NED and audited for 25 minutes. When I tried to get the money back for these unused hours they said no, I paid for the intensive and I had started it. So that was the end of that money (about $2000.)

15. I then went to Rome and while I was there a “mission” arrived from CLO Italy to recruit people into the Sea Organization (SO.) They wanted me to join and worked very hard on me. I agreed and they gave me a contract for 1 billion years.

16. In the mean time I had done the class IV internship. They now wanted me to start in the SO, but I wanted to go attest to clear first. I bought CCRD in Copenhagen AOSH and went to do it. I was told, because I was a Sea Org member the room and board would be free. When I arrived, I was told “Free? CLO Italy doesn’t have any money on account here.” I had to pay for myself.

17. They put me in a hotel that was owned by the church called “Nordland.” It was like a pigsty; so dirty. I found one room that was less dirty than the others and did not have other people in it.

18. At this point I was now a class V auditor. It was terrible in Copenhagen. I was given an auditor who was Swiss German who did not speak Italian, but something similar. I started eligibility with him and the session went on and on and on because I could not understand him. I was supposed to stay there two weeks but was there two months. Then, I was told I had to buy more intensives. I explained the language problem, so they switched auditors. He spoke good Italian, so I finished eligibility in two hours then moved to the CCRD. I then attested to clear.

19. Clear is supposed to be an expanded person. I did not feel this. I really wanted badly to go back to Italy. When I did go back, I simply changed suitcases and went to Milano to train for the Sea Org.

20. Now, I was put in the kitchen to cook for 70 staff members. This was terrible. Then, they wanted me to wash dishes. I said no. I never have washed dishes in my life. I had my car there so I left again. I went back home for 2 days before they came and got me. This whole time my daughter was progressing in Scientology. She was at Flag and I was afraid that they would tell her I was misbehaving and she would be upset with me. So, I went back.

When I went back, they told me I was done with the first phase of my training.

21. I then told them I had to go back to Rome to close up the house. In Rome, there was another mission to get people to do the OT levels in Copenhagen. I bought a package for OT I-III. I wrote for permission to do these levels instead of going to work. I received this permission and went to Copenhagen to do my OT levels.

22. While I was doing my levels in Copenhagen, I was paying my own room and board and then they asked me to start auditing their pcs.

23. I went onto OT I. It was bullshit. You walked around by yourself and “spotted” things.

24. In the middle of it I went into a coffee shop…I expanded myself on good coffee. After a couple of hours I went back and they asked me if I had any wins. I said, “sure sure,” so they sent me to attest to being done.

25. The next day I started doing OT II. On this you run dichotomies. You have a long list of whole track implants like electric implants and talking implants etc. You have to run down the track to run them out. It is solo auditing and it is done by talking aloud to yourself.

26. When I went in session, I hade to spot a light and from there run the implant. Then, I read my meter and ran back and forth the dichotomies of the implant. While doing this I was in a place where thin dividers divided the walls and you could hear other people running their implants. Also, the wall was painted black and I couldn’t see the light. I wrote the C/S and asked him “Where is the light!”

27. The next day trying to audit, there was a circus behind the building and I could hear the elephant. The next day I wrote I could not find the light, but I did find the elephant.

28. In the end, I ran off three implants, said I could find no more and asked to move on. I then attested to OT II. I also did the old clearing course and OT II is this same thing manipulated around a bit.

29. Now, I start OT III. This is what I really wanted, what all of us Scientologists wanted. It is the big mystery: the Wall of Fire.

30. I opened the course materials, read what was before me, and closed the book. This was the wall of fire? I had already read this.

31. At this time, I was a huge science fiction fan. Now, I was racking my brain about this story about Xenu and the battle with the loyal officers. I had heard this story before but could not remember where. The story involves an “evil galactic overlord” named Xenu who was captured 75 million years ago and put into an electric trap, and you have these electric strips, like in the department stores, and LRH tells you that beings (called thetans) were brought to the planet earth back then and trapped with these electronic strips and put into a volcano then blown up and they are now stuck all over people’s bodies. Now, I feel that I have a full population in my body! There were people in the room passing out when reading this. I am not so impressionable.

32. That night when I went to bed I was wondering where are all these beings (now called body thetans) in my body?

33. The day after studying about OT III, I started to audit it in my bedroom in the Nordland hotel. You are supposed to talk to your body thetans and make them go away from you. Each night I took my auditing folder to the C/S, carrying it in a suitcase with a chain attached to my wrist. We had to do this to ensure the confidentiality of the very secret materials.

34. When I did my first session, my needle was stuck. I got so angry that the needle started to move. Then I said, “I found a body thetan,” and started to audit. I think I was auditing my rage.

35. I audited 100 hours on OT III. This was a lot; almost double what many people audit, but I wanted to be certain that I had all of these body thetans gone. The “End Phenomenon” of OT III is that all of your body thetans are now gone. So, I was convinced all my body thetans were gone and I attested to being finished with OT III.

36. Now, I said, I will go back to my post in Italy. No, I am told, I must stay and do OT IV and V. I say I do not have the money in Copenhagen to pay for these levels. That night, from 8:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. they regged me to purchase these OT levels.

37. I finally called my mother to borrow money and she was very angry with me, but she did send me the money. So, now I start OT IV.

38. What do I read in the OT IV materials? That I now have to handle “Body Thetan Clusters. I said what? More BTs? I was told yes, now I am handling drugs on the “whole track”: all drugs I ever did and the drugs the body thetans did. These body thetans, you see, were not gone after OT III because they were “druggies.” Ok, I said. Let’s get rid of the druggie body thetans.

39. I did this level and attested that I was now free from druggie body thetans.

40. Now, I go to do OT V. An auditor audits this. I get an HCOB to read and what is in this HCOB? BT’s and clusters! I say, “I don’t have any more!” and he says, “Yes you have. These BT’s are sleeping and you have to wake them up. Then you give them an identity and they will go away.”

41. I now figured what the hell. I had done OT IV; let’s do V. At this time you have to make up things to keep yourself going.

42. So, the auditor command is “Look at your body (not with your eyes) and locate a cluster.” When the auditor gets a read he says, “Where is this?” I say, “On the knee!” I then had to telepathically communicate with the BT and ask it “What are you?” The BT says, “a banana.” You tell the auditor “a banana.” Or it says, “a piece of paper” or whatever comes into your head and the auditor says “Ok…tell him that is the item;” for example “The banana is the item.” I tell him the item is the banana and at that point the BT can blow or he can stay there. If he doesn’t blow on the “What” question you ask him “Who are you?” You get all sorts of names here: Napoleon, Julius Caesar, John Travolta, whoever! You tell all these to the auditor. He gets a read and tells you which name is the right one. Then the BT will blow. These are the only two commands.

43. I did this for 40 hours. Then, I attested to OT V.

44. While I had been auditing, there was a raid in Italy and all of the organizations were closed. When I returned to Italy after OT V, the entire org of Roma had moved into my apartment (they had called me in Copenhagen and asked to move into my apartment.) I had instructed my building superintendent to let them in but to not give them a key. They somehow got a key and made a copy anyway. They were there all the time…the whole building was protesting.

45. So, when I returned, I made them leave. I found them another apartment and paid for the first two months of rent. It took five days for a cleaning company to clean my apartment, it was such a mess.

46. Now, I went to CLO in Milano to work. They were working in a hotel because they had lost their building to the government. I wondered what the hell I was doing there. I had no job to do. We had Int (International Management) missions in to handle the problems while I was paying the hotel for everyone in CLO. I figured I would go on to do OT VI and OT VII. One of my seniors thought this would be good for me to do. At this moment, I was running out of money. So, to do these levels I sold my apartment in Rome. My mother was very, very angry with this. She told me I was crazy and they will ruin me. She was right.

47. Now, I come to Flag. Again, I was supposed to get room and board because I was a staff member. Bah. No room and board! I have again to pay for myself.

48. I now go onto the OT VI course and what is there? BODY THETANS AND CLUSTERS! The questions were the same two as on OT V. “What” and “Who.” I almost went nuts. When I protested I was told it was the same procedure but the fact that I was doing it solo made it different and better. They told me that body thetans were everywhere. The materials also explained that my body was not a body at all, but a mass of BT clusters. If they were not there, my body would be translucent.

49. I went into session on OT VI. At the end, I attested that I had completed OT VI, not that I had no more BTs.

50. Now, I moved to OT VII. Now, the end phenomenon of this level is: NO BT’S LEFT OF ANY KIND. NO SLEEPING BTS’ NO DRUGGIE BT’S NOTHING. One thing I audited on OT VII was suppressive BTs.

51. Sometimes, you have a BT that will blow only from your body to the door, so you have to mock up a scissors to cut the string that is keeping them attached to your body. Also, you have BTs in layers, so you have to mock up a hand to brush them off.

52. I never went to my home to audit; I stayed at the Sand Castle and audited for 8 months. When I wasn’t auditing I studied to be a class IX auditor and was auditing public pcs.

53. When I attested to OT VII, Captain Ron Norton called me. I was validated as being a class IX auditor and OT VII completion. What the hell was I going to do with it? They asked me to sign on to work at Flag and they would send another auditor to Italy to replace me. I told them to call my senior.

54. In Italy they were still trying to open up the orgs. My senior did agree, though I said I had to go back to Italy to finish up and prepare. I did this.

55. When I arrived to start working at Flag, I was told that they would put me in the Sand Castle hotel because there is no room at the Hacienda. The Sand Castle was dirty and had unbelievable cockroaches.

56. They told me I had to pay 10% of what a public would pay, since it was a public room. When they took me to the room there was no furniture, no bed nothing. I complained but was told it was too late at night to do anything. I was told to sleep in a chair. I said no, I just arrive after 10 hours of travel. It was February 8 and cold. I ended up sleeping on the carpet.

57. The next day I refused to go to work unless I received a bed. They then showed me a bed that had been outside in the garden; they were going to throw it away. It was so dirty I would not put my dog on that mattress. It had holes where rats had eaten it. I absolutely refused. I told them I would start work on Monday. I went to the store and bought myself a bed, blankets, chair and sheets. I had it all brought to the Sand Castle.

58. After one month, I was told they had a place in the Hacienda Gardens for me. So, I put my stuff together and they took me to the Hacienda. When they opened the door, I plugged my nose it stunk so badly. There were eight beds one atop of the other. At this point I said take me to the captain.

59. I went to the Captain and told him I will not live like this. I want to go back to Italy. He said no, we have a small apartment in the Hacienda that we rent. We will give it to you for half price. I agreed to this and paid $400 per month (this turned out to be full price.)

60. Now, I moved into this apartment. At the end of the first month, five other people were sleeping in this apartment. They were putting staff members in my paid for apartment. These people would eat my food and drink my water. I returned to the captain.

61. I said enough is enough. You broke all your promises and I want to go home. The captain told me to return to the Hacienda, wait three days and he will come visit me and we will take care of this.

62. In the mean time, I called an area realtor and arranged to purchase a condominium. By the time I met with the captain, I had my new home. At first, he told me no, I couldn’t stay off the base. I said it was this or nothing. He told me to write a CSW, which I did, and he approved it. Thus, I had special permission to live outside of sea org quarters.

63. So, I started to audit again. Then, there was a change of captains. Ron Norton went to Gold and Debbie Cook became the captain. This was in 1988.

When Debbie Cook became captain, my real problems started.

64. First, she wanted me to move back to the Hacienda, or she insisted that I share my condo with other staff members. I told her no to both. At this time, I was almost every week the auditor with the most hours in the chair and that year I won the worldwide highest auditing hours cup at the Auditors Day celebration. At this point, I was a money making machine for them.

65. I was always on the chair auditing. In September of 1990 I received a phone call from Italy saying my daughter was in the hospital in Pavia in Italy and I had to go to her at once. I CSW’d to go see her and it was approved.

66. I returned to Italy and two months later, my daughter died: November 18, 1990. She was 29 years old and an OT VII.

67. A bit before I left, however, I asked the senior C/S, Kathy Webb, to give me a program to audit my daughter because she was OT VII. This was to help her physically. The answer was, with AIDS, she will die. What program do you want? Give her a program to drop the body. Of course, I never did such a process on her. You don’t go to a sick person and say, “I give you a program to drop your body.”

68. Also in 1989 or 1990 they started releasing OT VIII. I was told to buy a package on the Freewinds because this is the only place OT VIII was delivered due to its extreme confidentiality. I bought a package, but then I went to Italy because of my daughter.

69. Two days after my daughter’s death, I took her to the cemetery to bury her in our family mausoleum. On this day, I was recalled to Flag. My daughter was not yet buried. Flag phoned me and spoke to my mother, who told them to fuck off and leave me alone and forget my phone number. She was heavily against Scientology.

70. When I spoke with them I told them my daughter had left a daughter of 11 years old, Camilla, and I could not leave immediately. The called me every day, several times a day to get me to come back immediately. They called with no regard to the 6-hour time difference between the USA and Italy. They would call at 4:00 a.m. and wake up the whole house of grieving people to demand my return.

71. On the 29th of November, 11 days after my daughter’s death, I returned to Flag. I left my granddaughter with her stepfather and my mother. When I returned to Flag I was very angry and the staff at Flag were astonished at this. They could not understand why I would be mad. I then went right back to work, but I was not able to produce as well as I had before. Because of this, they decided to send me to the ship to do my OT VIII.

72. The ship was in the Bahamas. I had to buy my own ticket to get there. When I arrived, I also had to pay for my own room and board. I didn’t want to sleep in the staff berthing below decks, as it was extremely hot down there, like 100 degrees. I could not do this. As soon as I arrived, instead of starting my own program I was put to work auditing others on their sec check for OT VII and OT VIII eligibility. I was very valuable to them as I could audit in three languages: English, Italian, and French.

73. Soon after I arrived, Milt Wolf, one of the ship captains, and David Light, a registrar, sat with me and regged me to buy books and materials. They also sold me a gold OT bracelet that cost thousands of dollars. They sat with me and would not let me go until I had bought and bought. I ended up buying an extra suitcase to carry all the materials I had bought. Eventually, I arrived in the course room to start OT VIII.

74. The OT VIII material was titled “Truth Revealed.” When I opened the materials and read the data, I went nuts. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. BODY THETANS!

75. Basically on OT VIII you run processes from the “History of Man” book, right down to clams. You have to go down the track to clam, figure out an overt, then locate a BT (not cluster; you communicate telepathically and figure out the overt, write it down and ask the BT with the meter: “Is it yours?” “Is it mine?” When you get a read, you indicate who’s it is and get an FN and move on. This is the truth revealed.

76. On all levels above OT III when you audit you always ask if the read is the person’s or the BT’s read.

77. I was so upset with OT VIII that I talked to the supervisor. She told me to just do it and I will be amazed at the wins I will have getting rid of overts off all the BTs from the whole track. I wanted to get out of there but there I was in the middle of the ocean. I was furious! I was just ordering BTs on a sec check (Scientology Security Check.)

78. The night I attested to OT VIII, I went ashore with some friends to see the casino in Nassau. Guess who was gambling there? David Miscavige, Guillame Leserve and Ray Mithoff. Isn’t gambling an overt in Scientology? When I saw this, I was ready to leave Scientology. Between the gambling and the OT VIII, it was like garbage. I wanted to leave, but this was very difficult.

79. When I was finished, (this was December 1990) I returned to Flag. Now, I was trying to figure out how to leave Scientology. The occasion came in October 1991 when I received a call that my mother was in hospital and very, very sick. Now, I could return to Italy.

80. I CSW’d to leave. My CSW was NOT approved. I went to the Captain to talk to her and she told me no, it was not important that my mother was dying. It was only a body. I must stay at Flag and produce for Scientology.

81. I again CSW’d to leave. Instead of giving it to the Captain, I gave it to my DofP (Director of Processing) for OT eligibility. Then, I went to my condo, packed my suitcase, went to the airport, bought a ticket and went to Italy.

82. I thought I would be declared a blow, but after four days in Italy I received, by fax, the CSW I had written. It was approved. My mother died December 11, 1991.

83. On the 21st of December, Flag started regging me for the money I was inheriting from my mother’s death. Please see my other affidavit for the completion of this story.

I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America and the state of Florida that the foregoing is true and correct.

Executed in Grosetto, Italy this 14th day of February 2001

Maria Pia Gardini



The cult’s top level…
( 1/ Ariane JACKSON answers about OT8: past text from 1996 in blue)
(2/ Answers from Ariane to questions in Feb and March 1998, black letters)
(3: my questions in italics)

RE: Re: …OT8?

First questions:

1. What security checks must be taken before the course?

Before starting OT8, I received a huge sec-check in Flag.

I got the 3D sec-check, an auditor sec check as I was a Class 6 auditor, and a tailor-made sec-check. After all those, I got a B of I with 3 ethics officers asking me questions. They made me feel as though I was a criminal.

2.What papers does one sign not to reveal anything?

The same docs which you sign before doing any OT level.

3.Are there frequent searches on you between courses, by instance when you come back to your room?
NO, as on OT8 you must to plug your course folder (to the electronically watched table) and give it back to the security guard.

4.Other specifics on the topic, like price, nr of hours, needed repairs before starting, FESes…)
Before starting I had to pay 4 intensives of sec-check in Flag, plus another one on the boat before starting OT8, plus the sec check you have to get after finishing OT8. OT 8 plus preps and FESes, was circa 50000 $.

5. Were you allowed to see your own pc-pre-OT folders before the auditing itself?
No. You never have access to any of your folders.

6. Do you accept to see your answers on the net?
You can put everything on the net, I have nothing to hide. If you want more details, ask me whatever questions you want.

My description is from memory, you’ll see that there is little to forget…

The new OT8 is in two parts A and B.

The part A is drilling and others trainings asked by a CS 53 (this action being supposed to find and “erase” the mental traumas from past auditings or life situations which could inhibit the auditing)

1.Could we say that those drills are done while auditing the CS 53? or is it auditing drills?
On the part A, one has to redo the whole series of e-meter drills, correction lists and C/S 53, that you have to audit solo before starting the real OT8 part.

2.What could be the justification to get back to this auditing lower levels? Does he give some?
Nothing; just that you have not yet finished the level.

3.Does one audit there BTs with a CS 53?
Yes: when I audited my CS 53, everything was flat, so, no new BTs.

The B Part asks to read “A history of the Man” and to be entirely checked on one’s understanding, then to study and audit solo on the new OT8.

1. Could you extend what you understood from that and its relationship with past auditings? – I don’t see myself any reason to get back on the Clams story or other “Fac 1″… it looks so crazy and without any technical relationship, a thing I am not used into the Hubbard’s series… Did he gave some justifications?
You don’t audit on clams or this sort of things. The only thing you do on OT8 is getting back on past auditing and to ask the “right or wrong” question on the identities you have run in past auditing. By instance, in your Dianetic auditing, you found being Maupassant: on OT8, you’ll ask ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ on this identity.

3. Is that done with sort of Listing and Nulling processes which could help to become aware of the absence of “identities” coming from lower levels, and which could therefore lead to the conclusion that those past lives did not exist?

No; no Listing and Nulling; only to remember past identities audited in past auditing.

You are not allowed to look in your folders to remember identities. Some persons responsible to deliver OT8 have been sent to the RPF because they suggested some methods to people they supervised. Having no oral instructions, we were not able to know what to do.
The first thing is a CS/53, then the C/S’s instructions are to:

1/ Fly a rud.

1.The ruds, it’s on you or on supposed BTs? It looks idiot enough, as from OT2 on, ruds have little weight, except on BTs…
When you fly a rud, you ask if the rud is out, and if it’s you or a BT or cluster.

2/ OT8 and its instructions do not vary during the rundown. This an exemple of what I did in a real session, what i wrote, as I had to write this down. I took the identity “Beethoven”, as I recalled to have believed being “Beethoven” during auditing. I looked the meter while asking “right” and “wrong”; no reaction on right, a fall on “wrong”. I had teherfeore not been Beethoven. I wrote down:

“Beethoven: right? X (X= no read)

“Beethoven: wrong? LF (long fall, an e-meter read) and F/N (F/N :free needle, that means that the action regarding Beethoven is finished and that I’m satisfied of it)

From every identities I checked on OT8, only one showed right.

1. Can we get the detail of the identity, why it could be right “technically” or “according your judgement”?
No. You ask the identity right or wrong and if you get a read on “right” on this identity, it’s a right one. Nothing else.

I was allowed to attest that I had finished when I got a big “cognition” about death. I was very afraid by death before, a fear never solved by past auditing. ON OT8, I realized that me, as a being, I would never been dead and that I was “totally outside” as scientologists would say.
I suppose (perhaps wrongly) that you could have done that sort of cognition half a dozen times before about death and onto your own permanency as a being – scienos speak so often from past lives! – did you get some really different feeling about that cog, that it could be linked to that specific process differently from the other ones you got before?

No. That OT8 level has stunned me a lot, because everything was so vague, and I was not alone to get that feeling.

Could that possibly be the possible cog of the level or a specific one for the level?
I’ve no opinion. The cog which influenced me to attest was on death, and I had a floating TA while coming to examiner.

I was therefore on OT8 , came back home, and fell very soon ill. Due to the cult’s boastings, OT8 are considered half-gods and must hide the problems and anomalies they get.
Some of the problems in OT8s: alcohol, homosexuality – (that scientology considers degrading and pervert praticed only by individuals having not enough worth to get ANY right into the society), out 2Ds affairs, voyeurism, criminality, infaction and divorce.
I have had some opportunities to study the “cases” of some of them and to speak to them, and i realizd I was far from alone to have problems.

1. Did you speak to the C/S that you were ill, or another ‘terminal’?
No. I did not speak to the C/S. But some times later every OT 8 having attested before the N° 500, I believe, were asked to come back urgently to the boat as there was out-tech, which explained why many were ill. I did not want to come back but I receivbed an order to go immediately on the Freewinds, otherwise I could have some ethics problems… On the boat I got a repair list which was a CS 53. Back home in *********, with a fantastic headache, and I was forced to get in bed.

2. Did they proposed whatever repair or ridicule handling that you accepted or refused?
Yes, The C/S 53 to have done on board.

3.Do you think that the illness was caused by the wrong indications or explanations of the OT8 tech?
For me it’s a mystery. What’s interesting is that I did OT8 with three other people, and came home first. When they went home one week later, they were ill, flu, headache, fever.

4. Did that reinforced or make appear some inabilities, as I have been able to observe on more than one OT on OT3 or NOTs?

This is indeed important: do you believe that a great number of OT8 have spoken together -perhaps without authorization- of their processes, cogs etc?
I cannot answer.. you know, that OT being the super-level, we were looked at as superior beings, therefore we were hiding our disappointments, doubts…

2. Did you see other similarties than those mentioned?
Yes, more or less. Did you know Veronique Pizzinat? When I went on my review/repair, I was in her room. She was on the boat since perhaps 3 months on OT8, wholly hallucinatiing.
She wanted to borrow 10000$, and said that with the abilities she had back from OT8, she could get those 10000$ just before the Reg, but that she did not want to do it, to not make him/her afraid. Inepties of this sort, I saw many on people having done OT8.

1. Could you develop, by instance; would you think that those having not leaved scientology before (ot8) are those who, perhaps, have had bad auditing up to that point?
It is difficult to answer that question. Perhpas are they those people responding the best to brainwashing, those who do not think much. A great lot of courage is needed to leave scientology, even more when you are high on the “Bridge”.

2. Or do you think that they could be yet to straighten some criter never solved despite hubbardian allegations?

3. Other idea on this? (did you get the same feeling on OT8 than when pcs or pre-OTs were speaking of their auditing before, that is, that they were afraid to really expose their cogs etc? Other ideas on this?

Yes, I got that feeling. When I did OT8, each morning, we had to have a meeting on the deck and say our last day cogs, and i can assure you it was not easy for many, or they were those stupid cogs, like getting the rain raining on this area having not had any since months…

I am sorry not to have answered sooner, but I was on exams for the last semester? Now I’m on holidays for two weeks, so, if you have some questions… I’m not at all annoyed to speak of this.

When I ‘m looking backway, I do not understand how I could have been so stupid to let others manipulate me this way; having been so anxious about ethics and having allowed them to lead my life, having loist my children for them, everything I have accepted for nothing in the long run. So, if my experience can stop some others to make the same stupid things, I’d have not lost everything.

Last questions:
1.did you get or saw some others getting “ethics handlings” before or whilst the OT8 run? sec-checks during auditing, people ill, etc…
Before starting OT8, on the boat, every futire OT8 go to the Ethics Officer, and if he thinks they are some ethics handlings to do before starting OT8, this is done. There is also a sec-check before starting it. You know, when I did OT8, we were only 5 or 6, very few…

2. Were there repair lists done by auditors, not in solo, for some overwhelms, and were those list billed in supplement?
Sure indeed! Veronique Pizzinat, the wife of Dominique, (Ecole du Rythme – they divorced since) had to do many repair lists and to pay intensives, as she got auditing from an auditor.

3. Could you estimate the average duration of
A/ the theory course and
Theory is circa one week long

B/ Time needed by people to audit on it?
Between one and two weeks

C/ how many pasges for the theory?
The A section theory, some 20 pages. Every e-meter drills, plus repair lists. Section B: 2 or 3 pages.

(the two last questions, added with the ante-last qlist of questions)
Regarding everything that you experienced, do you really believe that Ron -or even Mayo – could have written something so contradicting the levels before?
(I would have supposed that he could jump to another more or less craziness like the Wall of Fire TERTIO, or auditing of the OTs dreams with a new tech, or whatever could be the sort of LRH -or Mayo- thing ; but this search for wrong identities looks really very contradictory to all the past techs, this is the reason of that question upon the SOURCE, pehraps not LRH or Mayo?
Hard to answer: the bulletins I’ve read on OT8 looked the Hubbard’s style. You could ask Vaughn Young, he knows him, having worked for him.

Thanks very much for your memory efforts! this OT8 affair looks so strange when compared to the remaining which was already absurd, but at least, deserved some merit for its incredibility, that this come-back to old receipts could indicate a faked level from a Miscavige, or an auditor not believing in what he lived till now…

Last of last

Do you really believe possible that they are levl OT 9 to 15, and would you have any idea seeming “logical” as to what those levels could be, after all this?
I am strongly in doubt about any possible upper levels; OT8 was seen some ten years before, and just observe the numerous prerequisites now needed to go onto OT 9: SHSBC, and certainly much more. Certainly Miscavige tries desperately to prepare an OT9 since many years, but without succeeding…

That was that, Roger
Friendly, Ariane

Ariane Jackson, September 1996.- Ariane Jackson Feb-March 98

La Iglecia de Cienciologia




     Lafayette Ronald Hubbard {L. Ron Hubbard} was an American writer, explorer, World War II U.S. Navy veteran that became a religious philosopher. On May 9, 1950, he published a book called Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health.

In 1954, 4 years after its publication; Dianetics became the cornerstone of a new non-denominational religion called Scientology that L. Ron Hubbard wrote and founded, upon which the current Church of Scientology is based.



Lafayette Ronald Hubbard



L. RON HUBBARD {1911-1986}






     Dianetics states that moments of unconsciousness in a person accompanied by physical pain are recorded in a hidden area of the human mind called the reactive mind. These recordings are called engrams and contain everything that happens to a person during times of unconsciousness {temperature, movement, noise, speech, touch from people, smell etc.} as it happened. When a person regains consciousness, there is no recollection an engram was recorded.

After a person regains consciousness, if anything in the person’s present time real world environment matches anything in an engram they have, the engram restimulates {or reactivates} below the person’s awareness. Then like a post hypnotic suggestion the content of the engram dictates the person’s thoughts, actions and behavior. The more pain, unconsciousness and other content {i.e. sound, movement, language etc.} an engram contains the greater its influence can be over a person.

Dianetics auditing is a specialized type of counseling designed to erase engrams. The counselor {called an auditor – meaning one who listens} uses a certain standard method of questioning to locate engrams in a person being audited. The person then relives the engram for the first time conscious of it, as if it were happening to them RIGHT NOW at that moment. Once a person FULLY relives an engram it loses any negative influence it has over the person and erases, becoming then part of the person’s normal memory.

An auditor plus a person being audited offers more stability than a person looking at their engrams alone so, although engrams may be unpleasant experiences to recall {for example a knee surgery performed under general anesthesia} modern auditing is smooth and painless.


Dianetics Book








     L. Ron Hubbard’s work on Dianetics {or anything else he authored fiction or non-fiction} ilegally copyrighted and owned by the Church of Scientology. Certain of hisworks authored between 1965 and 1986, are confidential trade secrets that pertainto the religious practices of the Church of Scientology. The church because of its copyright holdings is not allowed to reveal the nature of these materials to anyone other than selected members of the church.

By 1995, many of these confidential works were discovered floating around on the internet and in 1996, a man named Arnaldo Lerma was sued by the church’s copyright office; the Religious Technology Center {or RTC}, for publishing some of these confidential church scriptures to the internet. Many people since then have also been accused by church officials of publishing these scriptures to the internet as well. But, the judge that presided over the RTC vs. Lerma copyright infringement hearing issued the following summation of the church’s confidential materials involved:

     “Scientologists believe that most human problems can be traced to lingering spirits of an extraterrestrial people massacred by their ruler Xenu over 75 million years ago. These spirits attach themselves by clusters to individuals in the contemporary world causing spiritual harm and negatively influencing the lives of their hosts.”

     That is a legally verified accurate fact based statement about Scientology.

L. Ron Hubbard uncovered 2 hidden events that happened early in Mankind’s history and called these events Incident I {Incident One} and Incident II {Incident Two}.

Incident I explains the way the physical universe around us was created and by whom and Incident II explains how Mankind came to be in it on Earth instead of anywhere else. L. Ron Hubbard’s recorded research and discoveries on these 2 events comprises the nearly complete scope of the Church of Scientology’s goals and purposes.






     Before matter, energy, space and time existed {the 4 things that make up the physical universe around us} there was only one universe now called the theta universe. It was home to all immortal spiritual beings now called thetans. There was no physical universe in which to acquire anything yet, there were only immortal spiritual beings.

Thetans are spiritual beings governed by certain natural laws that differ from those of physical universe things. If 2 physical objects {such as pieces of wood} come in contact with each other a mental image picture or memory is not created of the event by either piece of wood. However, if a thetan comes in actual contact with another thetan it is a natural instinct for a thetan to create a mental image picture copy of the experience.

About 400 quadrillion years ago 2 thetans collided in to each other without any intention to do so. Both thetans created a mental image picture of the event for the first time. There wasn’t such a thing as knowledge of any kind yet to define a mental image picture or a thetan’s inherent natural ability to create one. 20% Of all thetans tried to mimic the action of creating the mental image pictures presented to them and the remaining 80% of all thetans did not.

The combined intention of all thetans present along with their lack of any kind of knowledge of themselves inadvertently resulted in the mis-creation of a new universe in error called the MEST {or physical} universe {the word MEST is derived from the first letters of the words Matter, Energy, Space and Time}. Once the MEST universe was created it was too late to do anything about it. All thetans became trapped in the MEST universe, 20% with their own original ideas about it and 80%without.

In Scientology, the 20% are called suppressive people meaning evil and the 80% are called social personalities meaning good. Scientologists believe they are not bodies but immortal thetans or spiritual beings eternally reincarnated in the bodies of life forms such as people on Earth. Therefore, in a society as we would know it 20% of the people are evil and 80% of the people are good based on their role in Incident I.

The MEST universe cycle of creation is as follows:

     A loud snap. Waves of light. A chariot appears and turns right then left.
     A cherub appears and comes closer while blowing a horn.
     A shattering series of snaps and the cherub fades away and retreats.
     Total blackness {the new physical universe} is dumped on all thetans.

The whole time track is the moment to moment record a thetan keeps of its entire existence in the physical {MEST} universe in picture and impression form. Incident I is any thetan’s first record of its existence in the MEST universe. All thetans in the universe have Incident I in common with each other {meaning the mental image pictures created of that event}.






     It was never discovered by any thetan that Incident I took place so a substitute knowledge was gained whereby the physical universe could be used by another thetan to harm another thetan. This substitute technology is called implanting.

Electricity is a physical element that can be used to forcibly control a thetan’s survival in a seemingly permanent disabling manner. Electricity produces amnesia in a thetan spiritually. Any attempted forced electrical modification of a thetan’s behavior in order to control a thetan is called an implant and the action of doing so is called implanting.

An implant is composed of deliberately designed verbal commands and images intended to exert an exact kind of complete control over a thetan’s thoughts and actions. A thetan gets an implant from a mechanical device called an implant station designed to electrically immobilize a thetan and then flash verbal commands and images at the thetan. The thetan will make a mental image picture copy of the implant.

The content of the implant will be unknown to the thetan because of the electricity present at the time an implant is created. The electricity used always appears as a light in the implant. The light produces amnesia in a thetan if contacted rendering a thetan’s ability to view the implant and overcome its negative effects useless.

An implant can only be acquired when a thetan is exterior from a body {such as when it is between lifetimes} because it is a spiritual level incident not a physical level one {engrams are physical moments of unconsciousness}. An implant is transported with a thetan from lifetime to lifetime, from body to body corrupting the existence of whatever life form a thetan chooses to survive as.

An Implant

     Implanting is an evil act carried out by people with evil intentions mostly ages ago on planets elsewhere in the universe where societies that are now extinct once lived. Those people are called whole track implant psychiatrists and they are the ones that thought of ways to implant people and did so for millions upon billions of years unchecked. Once an implant was gotten there was no technology to get rid of it.

The technology of implanting died with those societies but, the forces behind and effects of those implants done to Mankind are still actively at work on Earth.






     Implants are of two types. The first type controls the actions of just a single thetan, such as a person implanted for stealing grapes or some such nonsense.

The second type of implant is used to control the actions of an entire group of thetans in exactly the same way, such as the entire population of a planet. This type of implant is called a mass implant and it means that groups of thetans {instead of just one} are taken to the same place at the same time and given the same implant all at once. This type of implant has a very adverse effect on a thetan’s future.

Following a mass implant the only experience any thetan will believe it has in common with any other thetan is the mass implant. The thetans are then forced to collide in to one another and mis-own each other’s mental image pictures of the event. This transparently re-configures all thetans to be the same thetan. They are held in place against their will and bonded to each other by their own misowned mental image pictures from the mass implant they are unable to view due to the amnesia producing nature of the electricity used in the mass implant procedure.

A mass implant can be compared to a courtroom of 75 men all with the name James Smith. The judge calls James Smith and “James Smith” comes forward.

A thetan in a state of spiritual bondage to another thetan this way is called a body thetan {or BT}. More than one BT bonded to another is called a cluster. A cluster may be small or large made of a few or many BT’s.

BT’s And clusters that form from a mass implant will bond randomly to a single host thetan that then unconsciously transports them with it from body to body, from lifetime to lifetime. In the body of a human being BT’s and clusters will copy the mental image pictures of the engrams, drug experiences and implants their host acquires and copy them as their own. Eventually, a BT’s mental image pictures will get in the way of the host’s own thought processes depending upon how similar the host’s real life environment is to the content of it’s BT’s mental image pictures. Irrational thoughts, actions, physical trauma and even death can come about in a host that unknowingly misidentifies a BT’s mental image pictures as being of its own creation. BT’s and clusters are the source of such things as “illnesses that have been in a family for generations”.

     A BT and cluster can remain in a state of amnesia after a mass implant rendering it incapable of copying any of its host’s experiences. This type of BT is called a dormant BT or cluster. A dormant BT or cluster has been rendered “dead” or “comatose like” and just lies dormant and attached to a host thetan. Dormant BT’s and clusters couldand would make copies of their host’s experiences but only in the unlikely event that they were ever roused to consciousness from the state that they are in. Dormant BT’s and clusters are the source of such things as “conditions in life that won’t budge”.

A body thetan must recognize that is has misowned another thetan’s mental image pictures and not its own in order to free itself, but due to the electrical amnesia producing nature of the electricity used in the implant, this becomes impossible.

There is only one mass implant on record that took place on Earth about 75 million years ago. This event is called Incident II and in Scientology is also referred to as the “Wall of Fire”. Only people on Earth have Incident II in common with one another.






     About 95 million years ago an interplanetary civilization called the Marcab Confederacy was founded in another part of our galaxy. It survived for over 20 million years composed of 76 planets of which primitive Earth {then called Teegeeack} was a part. The planets orbited 21 nearby large stars. Life in the Confederacy resembled a busy 1950’s Earth metropolis but with spacecraft that couldtravel faster than the speed of light and other such marvels commonplace.

Before the Marcab Confederacy became extinct it was under the leadership of a galactic overlord {a man} named Xenu and defended by a good will group called the Loyal Officers.

About 75 million years ago nearly 200 billion people lived on each of the planets creating a very crowded living situation. The overpopulation problem was blamed on Xenu and he was asked to resign from office. Xenu did not wish to resign. Because he had renegade armies and implant psychiatrists at his disposal in all this confusion, he took advantage of their services and devised a mass implant to be carried out on the people as a way of handling the overpopulation issue once and for all.

Fake centers were set up that all the citizens were sent notices to come to so their tax records could be audited. As the unsuspecting people arrived {some brought forcefully} they were chemically freeze dried {a suspended animation type state} to prevent their souls {or thetans} from exiting their bodies.

The paralyzed people were stacked in DC-8 like looking spaceships and taken to Teegeeack {Earth} and there dumped at the bases of volcanoes in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Atomic weapons were then detonated on the volcanoes vaporizing the people’s bodies and displacing their souls about the Earth’s atmosphere.

The disembodied thetans were recollected on electrical ribbon like traps that moved through the air. Once trapped in the ribbon they were transported to a pre-built Earth implant station packaging center {one in the Atlantic Ocean for citizens that were blown up at a volcano in the Atlantic Ocean and one in the Pacific Ocean for citizens that were blown up at a volcano in the Pacific Ocean}. The implant station resembled a multi-screen cinema and it is here {at one of the packaging centers} that all the thetans were given the same exact 3-dimensional video, audio and sensory mass implant for a period of 36 straight days. After 36 days the implant was stopped and the thetans were packaged into clusters in the boxes they were held in and then abandoned on Earth for all of eternity.

 The implant contains deranged social, political, ethnic, scientific, religious, economic and justice system blueprints for a society. 3 Explanations for the atomic explosions are given in the implant. The human reactive mind was genetically engineered as part of the blueprint for our society. Everything people on Earth believe true about themselves {i.e. heaven, hell, God, Satan, demons, angels, life in space, languages, religions, traditions, plots for wars, modern psychology etc.} are all part of this implant that was designed and intended to never be discovered by anyone except those who originally engineered it.

After 6 years of battle Xenu was captured by Loyal Officers and banished to the inside of a mountain off the northwest coast of Africa on the Isle of Madeira. He is held captive in an electric prison powered by an eternal battery and is still imprisoned there today. Anyone else associated with this catastrophic event in any way perished within 6 years.

About 16 trillion thetans were brought to Earth during this time and implanted. The Confederacy is gone except for distant remnants in space that remain an uninhabited wasteland.

Incident II

     Scientologists believe this implant to be the event that wiped out the Earth’s early pre-historic dinosaur population. The atomic explosions at the volcanoes {from Marcab weapons hundreds of times more powerful than anything that exists on Earth} artificially melted and fused layers of the Earth’s crust. This would make determining the true age of these rocks almost impossible when encountered by any modern day geologist unaware of this event.






     Eventually the radioactivity on Earth decreased and some life re-emerged. Those thetans left on Earth after implanting occupied the bodies of the first inhabitable life forms available, such as clams on the beaches. As more life forms emerged the thetans migrated through evolutionary progress to the bodies of human beings forming a society that is pre-engineered to unknowingly and involuntarily go wrong as it is based on this implant.

Located close to Earth is a between lives implant station that a thetan must report to between lifetimes for implanting in accordance with Incident II. The implant station itself is protected from any form of detection by electronic cloaking.

Once a person dies and leaves their body the implant station appears as a light. The light is electrical in nature and will produce amnesia in a thetan if contacted. The thetan is immobilized, drawn into the station and once inside, mental image pictures on the time track are portrayed on screens. The thetan is given a heavy electrical implant erasing any memory of its past life and re-implanted with the “latest information” previewing on the screens and then sent back to Earth to search for a new body to occupy just moments before it is born.

Once the thetan is back in a body the cycle of:  Birth > Life > Death > Implant > Birth  repeats itself.




     Scientology claims it is a religion, the philosophic text of which provides all the missing knowledge that originally led to the mishaps of Incident I and Incident II. This knowledge undoes any of the adverse effects of those events and prevents any future type such events from ever possibly coming about. As a by-product of this, a being’s immortality and inherent spiritual abilities are restored to them for the first time.

This is the source of people’s attraction and devotion to the Church of Scientology.


por Lawrence Toomajan









Suppressive Person {SP}: a person opposed to the activity of Scientology
20% Of society is composed of SP’s.
2½% Of SP’s are dangerous {such as Adolf Hitler}

Potential Trouble Source {PTS}: a person in league with an SP
80% Of society is composed of PTS people

Degraded Being {DB}: person that is “normally” PTS in life and only listens to and believes SP’s. 1 In every 18 people are DB’s.

PTS means one’s actions are fueled by an SP and SP’s are out to get Scientology. This can manifest itself by a Scientologist becoming ill during auditing giving birth to the idea auditing does not work or seeking other solutions to the problems one is being trained and audited to solve and possibly believing those solutions will work better than Scientology.

There are 3 types of PTS people determined by the manner in which they are connected to an SP:

Type I: Immediate {spouse, child, parent, in-law, sister etc.}
Type II: 
Remote {co-worker, ex-spouse, store clerk, landlord etc.}
Type III: 
Unavailable {the PTS person is a mental institution type case}

Within those 3 categories are 10 sub-categories from Type A to J that further define what to expect from the person in the way of manifestations {such as someone that will most likely wind up wanting to sue the church, or someone that will most likely call the police on an auditor, or someone that will refer people to the church that cannot be helped just to help the person later get a refund etc., etc., etc.}.

SP’s Have anti-social characteristics that distinguish them from social personality types who have the exact opposite in attributes an SP does. Scientologists are trained and counseled to identify both SP’s and PTS people to enable them to better handle either such type in life. A church intelligence department compiles lists of SP’s and their organizations and a church Ethics Officer uses these compiled lists as a guide in handling troubled Scientologists.

A Psychiatrist is considered an SP by the church in any capacity and any person that receives psychiatric treatment is automatically declared PTS.



Anti Psychiatry Rally Of Scientologists









     If an ethics officer determines that your 14 year old son is an SP and that you are PTS to him, the options are to either bring that child to an understanding about Scientology so that any antagonism ceases and/or disconnect from the child and/or be expelled from the church. This means that in Scientology one must literally do what the church says, even if the church says one must throw one’s 14 year old son out into the street because he is believed to be evil. As difficult to believe as that may sound is as true as it is.

A Scientologist that is declared an SP {expelled} will have this expulsion placed in writing about them and then sent to Scientologists anywhere in the world by the church, determined by who it is the church feels will most be able to benefit the church by having this information to act on. Following an SP declare no one in the church is any longer allowed to associate or communicate in any way with the declared person {personally, professionally, sexually, socially etc.}. This is called disconnection and it is a practice the church ruthlessly engages in. Any Scientologist found in violation of this practice will eventually find themselves in the same situation as the declared person if the matter is left unaddressed.

 1. A declared SP’s children are enrolled in a Scientology private school?
         The children are expelled from the school and any contract with the SP and/or regarding the SP’s children becomes non-binding.

 2. A declared SP’s employer is a Scientologist?
The SP’s employment is terminated and a copy of the declare is sent to other potential professional contacts the person may appeal to for help.

3. A declared SP has money left in their church account?
The church confiscates any money without notifying the declared person of this action, without any regard of any legal, moral and ethical right the declared person may still have to the money.

4. A declared SP was a Class VI auditor and OT VIII at the time of their declare?
        All of their certificates for training and auditing they have received are cancelled. Meaning, this person is now viewed as an untrained raw public person.

Reversing an SP declare is a strenuous non-rewarding activity involving a series of steps called “Steps A to E” that a declared person must complete in order to regain any kind of standing in the church again once such is lost.

A declared SP is allowed contact with only one person in the church called the International Ethics and Justice Chief {or IEJC}. SP’s Are viewed by the church as dangerously insane people. Contact with the IEJC is carried out through a 3rd party person in the church {a liaison} a declared person must go through in order to have their communication heard and reverse their SP declare.

When and if an SP declare is reversed, the former SP must retrain and be re-audited at their own expense a second time all the way up to the training and auditing level they were at when they were declared in order to continue on to what might have been their next level or action. Potentially it can cost a person $1,000,000.00 just to be declared and then get into good standing in the church again.

Disconnection is in accordance with L. Ron Hubbard’s written scriptures regarding the handling of SP’s.






     Scientologists sign an agreement with the church that they will be turned over to the church for help in the event they ever develop symptoms of any kind of behavior a psychiatrist would normally address. For example, if a Scientologist is placed in a hospital emergency room psychiatric observation ward for emotional trauma related to witnessing a crime, a Scientologist will come when and if notified and bring the person to the church for help instead. This practice, although seemingly warm and caring, is not guaranteed medically sound.

     Scientologists use a form of auditing called the Introspection Rundown to restore the behavior of people that act in a psychologically impaired manner that is always attributed by Scientologists to be brought on by an affiliation with an SP, hence the church’s hard line attitude toward SP’s. The PTS person is locked in a room alone outside of which stand a security guard and a specially trained auditor in 24 hour attendance. The auditor passes a note under the door to the person with a question written on it and waits for any form of a response. Any kind of a response is handled by the auditor with a new note under the door with a new written response on it to the person. No outside help of any kind may be summoned or any other procedure used for the person other than this auditing.

The rundown takes at most 72 hours to complete and is continued until the C/S in charge decides the person is OK to be let out. By OK to be let out means the person has stopped screaming on the top of their lungs at everyone or exhibiting some other form of what the church considers to be psychotic type behavior that would normally attract the services of a psychiatrist. Upon release the person is closely watched for a time.

In December 1995, a Florida woman named Lisa McPherson died on the 17th day of her Introspection Rundown auditing.



Lisa McPherson



LISA MCPHERSON {1959-1995}






     Public people that disagree with Scientology and are not members of the church cannot be declared SP’s or expelled so, the Guardian Office {GO} was formed by L. Ron Hubbard in 1966, as a private branch of the church to address bad publicity. L. Ron Hubbard’s wife Mary Sue Hubbard was appointed head of the GO with the purpose to:

  “Document and handle any people critical of Scientology and any bad publicrelations events such individuals cause.”



Mary Sue Hubbard



MARY SUE HUBBARD {1931-2002}



     In 1979, Mary Sue Hubbard and at least 8 other GO staff were sent to federal prisons after being found guilty of domestic espionage against the Unites States government. Mrs. Hubbard along with other members of the church acquired fake government security clearance I.D.’s and used them to burglarize the offices of officials in the U.S. Justice Department and the I.R.S. hoping to locate and destroy any damaging information the government might have in its possession about the Church of Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard. In addition they attempted to place false information in the government’s files about itself so public officials and agencies would attack each other publicly. The plot was code named “Operation Snow White” by the GO. A Scientologist that was aware of the burglaries but later left the church volunteered information about “Operation Snow White” to the F.B.I. who in turn acting on this information conducted raids on Scientology churches in 1977 that led to the 1979 prison sentences of Mary Sue Hubbard and her co-conspirators.

During the 1977 church raids by the government, the F.B.I. uncovered written information concealed in church files that detailed crimes the GO carried out against the church’s perceived enemies. One notable discovery was that of information regarding a former New York City investigative journalist named Paulette Cooper Noble. Ms. Noble had published some articles and a short book about Scientology that the church did not think was in their favor. Through covert means the GO acquired stationary with Ms. Noble’s fingerprints on it that the GO then used to write a fake bomb threat to themselves on. Ms. Noble was arrested and charged with this crime but later vindicated for it and she resultantly sued the Church of Scientology for $55 million dollars.

Paulette Cooper Noble




     In 1982, the GO was renamed OSA {short for Office of Special Affairs} to distance the church from Mary Sue Hubbard and the GO’s activities as L. Ron Hubbard and his wife Mary Sue eventually divorced.

To prevent L. Ron Hubbard from being sent to prison as master mind of the GO, Scientologists hid him in a house in California where he remained a fugitive until the time of his death in 1986.






     One attack policy called “The Fair Game Law” is applied to enemies of the church by the church’s “Public Relations” offices formerly the GO and now OSA.

A Scientologist appointed to Fair Game a perceived church enemy may by any means available cheat, steal from, deprive of property, financially ruin, slander, libel, physically attack and even murder if necessary their target. The church views this as an ethical act and will reward the Scientologist with VIP status in the church and immunity from justice through the use of highly paid corrupt attorney’s. Former Scientologists can become the target of Fair Game by leaving the church and then speaking out about corruption in the church to the press or media. A popular method of Fair Gaming former Scientologists that talk to the press is to acquire and publish to the internet the confidential religious confessionals the people previously communicated to their church auditors regarding their previous transgressions in life. Some of the most “upstanding Scientologists” are the people most likely to Fair Game others, including former fellow church members.

In May 1990 a New York City college student named Noah Antrim Lottick aged 24, was involved in Scientology in New York City through the financial help of his parents. One night he left a party going on at the church and walked up the street to a 28 story hotel and jumped out of one of its 10th floor windows with $171.00 in his hand killing himself. Noah’s parents Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lottick tried to investigate the matter with the church but got nowhere furthering their suspicion that the church had caused his suicide.



Noah Lottick






Mr. & Mrs. Edward Lottick






     If a Scientologist had reported to authorities facts that led to the church being held legally responsible for Noah Antrim Lottick’s death, that person would have been declared an SP and Fair Gamed.

Noah’s parents were given a complimentary tour of the New York City church by Scientologists there during their period of mourning in which they open heartedly tried to unravel the cause of their son’s death with the church. The church was not only not moved but flatly refused to turn over to them any money they had given Noah that was still left in his church account. A church spokesperson in New York City gave as a reason:

  “…we don’t do that, refund money…Noah seemed like such a nice guy…we had no idea he was like that …we will miss him…”






     In January 2008 a group named Anonymous began protesting Scientology churches internationally. Regarded by public law enforcement officials, community leaders and business people as civil, peaceful non-violent protestors, Anonymous activists are frequently verbally and physically attacked at their protests by members of the church outraged by the gatherings.

Anonymous vs the Church of Scientology


     Many former high profile public members and top executives of the church have left the church and gone public with the activities they took part in and/or witnessed as members of the church. A whole new wave of books, short films and web sites has emerged specifically aimed at alerting people to the practices of the Church of Scientology.

This diary is a vital and necessary contribution to information available about the Church of Scientology.


por Laurence toomajan

Definiciones importantes

     Scientologists more or less have their own language of terms. A glossary is included here that although not complete, covers a wide general basic scope of terms commonly used in most Scientology organizations.

Auditor: one who listens
a person that no longer has their own reactive mind
Dianetics Auditing: 
counseling that erases engrams

 a moment of pain and unconsciousness
Pre-Clear {PC}: a person not yet Clear
Reactive Mind: 
stores engrams
 a step on the route to Clear

Alternate Clear Route: for people that don’t go Clear on Dianetics
anything in a person that can be audited
Case Level:
 auditing a person has had thus far
Case Supervisor {C/S}:
 instructs an auditor what to audit
Hubbard Guidance Center {HGC}: where church auditing is delivered
Intensive: 12½ hour block of auditing

Rundown: a group of auditing actions done together

Implant: overwhelming a thetan electrically to control it
Mass Implant:
 overwhelming a group of thetans electrically to control them
Operating Thetan {OT}: a being that is cause over life
Pre-OT: a person not yet OT
Scientology Auditing:
 counseling to address implants
Thetan: an immortal spiritual being

Confessional: auditing to locate O/W’s
Ethics Officer: decides a person’s eligibility for Scientology based on their O/W’s
Missed Withhold {M/WH}: an almost discovered withhold
Overt: an act of omission or commission that causes more harm than good
Overt & Withold {O/W}: an overt accompanied by a withhold
Overt & Withold Write-Up {O/W Write Up}: a written confessional of one’s O/W’s
Security Check: audited confessional to find O/W’s related to church security
Security Checker:
 security check auditor
Withhold {WH}: an undisclosed overt

Hubbard Electropsychometer {e-meter}: A small electronic device with two small cans the size of soup cans attached to it by wires that is used as an aid in auditing. The front of the meter has a numbered dial with a needle in the center that can move left or right. During auditing a person holds one can in each hand. An auditor sits in front of the person watching the e-meter dial for responses and writing down all the person and the e-meter say or do from asking a person being audited questions about their case. The e-meter sends a small electric current to the cans that becomes disrupted if an item needing to be audited is present. The type of item {i.e. engram, implant, overt etc.} is reflected by the type of movement in the e-meter needle. The auditor interprets needle movements and asks specific questions until the item no longer produces a reading on the e-meter.


Dirty Needle: indicates an item is not flat
Flat Item: an item that no longer reads
Floating Needle: {F/N}: needle moving freely left to right indicating freedom from an item
Item: something that causes a read {engram, O/W, implant, W/H etc.}
Read: a movement of the needle
Review Auditing: auditing to review a person’s past auditing
Review Auditor: auditor that reviews a person’s past auditing

Auditing Session

Solo Auditor: A solo auditor is a person that audits themselves without another auditor having to be there. Specialized training is required to learn its procedures. A person solo audits because at certain points on the route to Clear and OT a person is more powerful than the item that needs to be audited. A solo auditor uses two cans joined end to end by a connector and holds them in one hand to detect reads while the other hand controls the e-meter and records the session. A person must be Clear or about to become Clear on their alternate Clear route in order to become trained as a solo auditor.

     Auditing engrams and auditing implants involves two entirely different technologies. Dianetics auditing or auditing to go Clear is not effective in removing implants. Auditing designed to remove implants will not be effective at erasing engrams.

After going Clear a person first solo audits a series of drills that orient them to life without their reactive mind and then begins auditing themselves on whole time track electrical implants from a prepared list of all known implants {but not mass implants}. The items {content of the implants} are called out loud in session on an e-meter by the pre-OT and any item that reads on the e-meter is taken up until it no longer reads meaning it has been confronted and erased. When the entire list no longer reads the person no longer has those implants and can then move on to mass implant auditing.

Body Thetan {BT}: a thetan stuck to another thetan’s mental image picture from a mass implant
 a group of BT’s stuck to each other
Cumulative Cluster: a group of clusters stuck to each other

Mass implant auditing is accomplished in a series of steps because there are 3 distinct types of BT’s:

Non Dormant BT’s: These BT’s and clusters are audited first by solo auditing. These BT’s and clusters read on an e-meter as “pressure” or “stuck mass” somewhere on the body of the pre-OT. Communication between the pre-OT and the BT is needed to accomplish the auditing but it is done telepathically and not aloud like as in other auditing. The pre-OT asks the BT “What are you?” and must properly acknowledge the response that follows. Once that question has been acknowledged fully the pre-OT then asks the BT “Who are you?” and must properly acknowledge the response that also follows. A pre-OT has an experience in common with any BT and the goal is to reach a mutual understanding of this with the BT so it is free to go off on its own again. A BT that through this auditing realizes it is not part of its host’s experiences and not that same being as its host leaves as its knowledge of what and who it really is has been returned to it for the first time in 75 million years. Clusters are audited in the same manner by finding the mutual experience the BT’s in the cluster have in common that holds the cluster together. Sometimes several clusters have several experiences in common making a cumulative cluster. As each common experience is audited the cluster breaks into individual BT’s that are then audited until the auditing succeeds.

Non Dormant “Druggie” BT’s: These BT’s and clusters are audited second. They have their host’s drug experience related pictures in common and are more resistive to auditing because the pictures they are stuck in indicate that they are “drugged”. This step requires another auditor to be there with the pre-OT to assist in the auditing that is geared to address almost exclusively drug experiences on the track that created these BT’s and cluster’s cases. This is a highly skilled activity because communication between the auditor and the pre-OT must be out loud and communication between the pre-OT and the BT’s must be done telepathically. Aside from “their alleged drugs” these BT’s are audited like any other BT or cluster once the drug experience{s} the pre-OT had that created these BT’s and cluster’s situation is found.

Dormant BT’s: Are audited last and refers to BT’s and clusters that are still amnesic or “unconscious” from the mass implant as if in a “coma” spiritually. Auditing these BT’s also requires that another auditor be present with the pre-OT to assist in the auditing. This is also a highly skilled activity because communication between the auditor and the pre-OT must again be out loud and communication between the pre-OT and the BT must be done telepathically. In order to audit dormant BT’s a pre-OT must first have their perception raised by the auditing to the point to being able to locate them first because these BT’s do not read on the e-meter while dormant. A pre-OT must flow attention energy to them first to jostle them and “wake them up”. Once that is done they are audited in the same manner as any other BT whether they are alone or in clusters.

Once a C/S determines that a pre-OT is able to locate and audit dormant BT’s and clusters on his or her own without another auditor being present, that activity ends and the pre-OT does special solo auditor training and interning dedicated to Dormant BT and cluster auditing and then finishes auditing the remainder of their case on their own solo.

There is no exact set amount of implants, BT’s and clusters a person has. A person simply has what they have and doesn’t have what they don’t have.

Academy: student training area

Misunderstood Word {MU}: a word one has not fully understood in one’s studies that if not found and defined makes any further understanding of the subject one is studying unlikely

Church Training Center

Course Supervisor: watches students for signs of MU’s and corrects them
Cramming Officer: corrects training errors
Demo Kit: small objects a student uses to demonstrate something learned
Exam: e-metered verification that an auditing or training result has been attained
Examiner: delivers exams
Registrar: sells auditing and training to the public
Squirrel Tech: altered versions of training & auditing
Study Twin: a training partner for drills and word clearing
Word Clearer:
 clears up MU’s

     Classification Gradation and Awareness Chart of Levels and Certificates {alsocalled the Bridge or Grade Chart}: This is a standardly written corporate list of everything a person must do to go clear, OT and become a fully trained auditor. The right side lists auditing and the left lists training. A person gets a certificate as each level is completed. Any level is always noted in Roman numerals.


     I.Q., Personality tests and a medical exam are given to a person before auditing begins to determine their physical, mental and spiritual health.A reference list is included here that outlines

the various states of release on the route to clear and OT that a person completes in order to get there. The name of the action is on the left and the ability attained and/or material audited is on the right.

Purification Rundown: Exercise, vitamins and sauna sweating to remove physical toxins
Grade 0: Communications Release
Grade I: Problems Release
Grade II: Relief Release
Grade III: Freedom Release
Grade IV: Ability Release
New Era Dianetics {NED}: Clear
Expanded New Era Dianetics {XNED}: Clear
Solo Auditor Training Courses Parts 1 & 2: Solo Auditor
Clear Verification: Auditing to verify the state of clear

ALTERNATE CLEAR ROUTE: {for people that don’t go Clear on Dianetics}
New Era Dianetics
New Era Expanded Dianetics

Grade V: 
Power Release
Grade VA:
 Power Plus Release
Solo Auditor Training Courses Parts 1 & 2
Grade VI {solo}: 
Whole Track Release
Grade VII {solo}:
Clear Verification

OT Eligibility & Preparation: Security checking prior to starting OT auditing
OT I {solo}: OT Viewpoint drills
OT II {solo}: one’s own implants
OT III {solo}: one’s own and other’s mass implants
OT IV {audited}: one’s own and other’s mass implants
OT V {audited}: one’s own and other’s mass implants
OT VI {solo}: one’s own and other’s mass implants solo auditor training internship
OT VII {solo}: one’s own and other’s mass implants
OT VIII {solo}: cause over life

L-Rundowns: L Rundowns are not required in order for a person to go Clear or OT as their main purpose is to enhance and boost auditing. L’s Do not need to be done in numerical order. Each is a certain type of auditing specific to itself that can be done in any order as determined by a C/S. There are 3 L’s:

L-10: L-10
L-11: New Life Rundown
L-12: Flag OT Executive Rundown

     An outline is included here that shows many of the various training levels one must complete in order to become an auditor or case supervisor. The material or level one trains on is on the left and the knowledge and/or ability gained is on the right.

Student Hat: Study Technology
Training Routines {TR’s}: Ability to communicate with and as an auditor
Purification Rundown Case Supervisor: Purification Rundown C/S
Class 0: Grade O Auditor
Class I: Grade I Auditor
Class II: Grade II Auditor
Class III: Grade III Auditor
Class IV: Grade IV Auditor
Class IV Case Supervisor: Grades 0 to IV C/S
Class V: NED Auditor
Class V Case Supervisor: NED C/S
Class VA:
 Expanded NED Auditor
Class VA Case Supervisor: Expanded NED C/S
Class VI:
 Saint Hill Special Briefing Course Materials
Class VI Case Supervisor
Class VII: Grades V & VA Auditor
Class VIII: OT IV Auditor
Class VIII Case Supervisor: Grades V, VA & OT IV Auditor
Class IX: OT V Auditor
Class IX Case Supervisor: OT V, VI & VII C/S
Class X: L-10 Auditor
Class XI: L-11 Auditor
Class XII: L-12 Auditor
Class XII Case Supervisor: L 10, 11 & 12 C/S


por lawrence toomajan


Lawrence Toomajan







The Bridge to Nowhere

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Hy Levy rang up millions in his 16 years as a Scientology “registrar” in Clearwater. “What it’s become now is so bad I couldn’t keep silent anymore.”
Hy Levy rang up millions in his 16 years as a Scientology “registrar” in Clearwater. “What it’s become now is so bad I couldn’t keep silent anymore.”

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