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     Lafayette Ronald Hubbard {L. Ron Hubbard} was an American writer, explorer, World War II U.S. Navy veteran that became a religious philosopher. On May 9, 1950, he published a book called Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health.

In 1954, 4 years after its publication; Dianetics became the cornerstone of a new non-denominational religion called Scientology that L. Ron Hubbard wrote and founded, upon which the current Church of Scientology is based.



Lafayette Ronald Hubbard



L. RON HUBBARD {1911-1986}






     Dianetics states that moments of unconsciousness in a person accompanied by physical pain are recorded in a hidden area of the human mind called the reactive mind. These recordings are called engrams and contain everything that happens to a person during times of unconsciousness {temperature, movement, noise, speech, touch from people, smell etc.} as it happened. When a person regains consciousness, there is no recollection an engram was recorded.

After a person regains consciousness, if anything in the person’s present time real world environment matches anything in an engram they have, the engram restimulates {or reactivates} below the person’s awareness. Then like a post hypnotic suggestion the content of the engram dictates the person’s thoughts, actions and behavior. The more pain, unconsciousness and other content {i.e. sound, movement, language etc.} an engram contains the greater its influence can be over a person.

Dianetics auditing is a specialized type of counseling designed to erase engrams. The counselor {called an auditor – meaning one who listens} uses a certain standard method of questioning to locate engrams in a person being audited. The person then relives the engram for the first time conscious of it, as if it were happening to them RIGHT NOW at that moment. Once a person FULLY relives an engram it loses any negative influence it has over the person and erases, becoming then part of the person’s normal memory.

An auditor plus a person being audited offers more stability than a person looking at their engrams alone so, although engrams may be unpleasant experiences to recall {for example a knee surgery performed under general anesthesia} modern auditing is smooth and painless.


Dianetics Book








     L. Ron Hubbard’s work on Dianetics {or anything else he authored fiction or non-fiction} ilegally copyrighted and owned by the Church of Scientology. Certain of hisworks authored between 1965 and 1986, are confidential trade secrets that pertainto the religious practices of the Church of Scientology. The church because of its copyright holdings is not allowed to reveal the nature of these materials to anyone other than selected members of the church.

By 1995, many of these confidential works were discovered floating around on the internet and in 1996, a man named Arnaldo Lerma was sued by the church’s copyright office; the Religious Technology Center {or RTC}, for publishing some of these confidential church scriptures to the internet. Many people since then have also been accused by church officials of publishing these scriptures to the internet as well. But, the judge that presided over the RTC vs. Lerma copyright infringement hearing issued the following summation of the church’s confidential materials involved:

     “Scientologists believe that most human problems can be traced to lingering spirits of an extraterrestrial people massacred by their ruler Xenu over 75 million years ago. These spirits attach themselves by clusters to individuals in the contemporary world causing spiritual harm and negatively influencing the lives of their hosts.”

     That is a legally verified accurate fact based statement about Scientology.

L. Ron Hubbard uncovered 2 hidden events that happened early in Mankind’s history and called these events Incident I {Incident One} and Incident II {Incident Two}.

Incident I explains the way the physical universe around us was created and by whom and Incident II explains how Mankind came to be in it on Earth instead of anywhere else. L. Ron Hubbard’s recorded research and discoveries on these 2 events comprises the nearly complete scope of the Church of Scientology’s goals and purposes.






     Before matter, energy, space and time existed {the 4 things that make up the physical universe around us} there was only one universe now called the theta universe. It was home to all immortal spiritual beings now called thetans. There was no physical universe in which to acquire anything yet, there were only immortal spiritual beings.

Thetans are spiritual beings governed by certain natural laws that differ from those of physical universe things. If 2 physical objects {such as pieces of wood} come in contact with each other a mental image picture or memory is not created of the event by either piece of wood. However, if a thetan comes in actual contact with another thetan it is a natural instinct for a thetan to create a mental image picture copy of the experience.

About 400 quadrillion years ago 2 thetans collided in to each other without any intention to do so. Both thetans created a mental image picture of the event for the first time. There wasn’t such a thing as knowledge of any kind yet to define a mental image picture or a thetan’s inherent natural ability to create one. 20% Of all thetans tried to mimic the action of creating the mental image pictures presented to them and the remaining 80% of all thetans did not.

The combined intention of all thetans present along with their lack of any kind of knowledge of themselves inadvertently resulted in the mis-creation of a new universe in error called the MEST {or physical} universe {the word MEST is derived from the first letters of the words Matter, Energy, Space and Time}. Once the MEST universe was created it was too late to do anything about it. All thetans became trapped in the MEST universe, 20% with their own original ideas about it and 80%without.

In Scientology, the 20% are called suppressive people meaning evil and the 80% are called social personalities meaning good. Scientologists believe they are not bodies but immortal thetans or spiritual beings eternally reincarnated in the bodies of life forms such as people on Earth. Therefore, in a society as we would know it 20% of the people are evil and 80% of the people are good based on their role in Incident I.

The MEST universe cycle of creation is as follows:

     A loud snap. Waves of light. A chariot appears and turns right then left.
     A cherub appears and comes closer while blowing a horn.
     A shattering series of snaps and the cherub fades away and retreats.
     Total blackness {the new physical universe} is dumped on all thetans.

The whole time track is the moment to moment record a thetan keeps of its entire existence in the physical {MEST} universe in picture and impression form. Incident I is any thetan’s first record of its existence in the MEST universe. All thetans in the universe have Incident I in common with each other {meaning the mental image pictures created of that event}.






     It was never discovered by any thetan that Incident I took place so a substitute knowledge was gained whereby the physical universe could be used by another thetan to harm another thetan. This substitute technology is called implanting.

Electricity is a physical element that can be used to forcibly control a thetan’s survival in a seemingly permanent disabling manner. Electricity produces amnesia in a thetan spiritually. Any attempted forced electrical modification of a thetan’s behavior in order to control a thetan is called an implant and the action of doing so is called implanting.

An implant is composed of deliberately designed verbal commands and images intended to exert an exact kind of complete control over a thetan’s thoughts and actions. A thetan gets an implant from a mechanical device called an implant station designed to electrically immobilize a thetan and then flash verbal commands and images at the thetan. The thetan will make a mental image picture copy of the implant.

The content of the implant will be unknown to the thetan because of the electricity present at the time an implant is created. The electricity used always appears as a light in the implant. The light produces amnesia in a thetan if contacted rendering a thetan’s ability to view the implant and overcome its negative effects useless.

An implant can only be acquired when a thetan is exterior from a body {such as when it is between lifetimes} because it is a spiritual level incident not a physical level one {engrams are physical moments of unconsciousness}. An implant is transported with a thetan from lifetime to lifetime, from body to body corrupting the existence of whatever life form a thetan chooses to survive as.

An Implant

     Implanting is an evil act carried out by people with evil intentions mostly ages ago on planets elsewhere in the universe where societies that are now extinct once lived. Those people are called whole track implant psychiatrists and they are the ones that thought of ways to implant people and did so for millions upon billions of years unchecked. Once an implant was gotten there was no technology to get rid of it.

The technology of implanting died with those societies but, the forces behind and effects of those implants done to Mankind are still actively at work on Earth.






     Implants are of two types. The first type controls the actions of just a single thetan, such as a person implanted for stealing grapes or some such nonsense.

The second type of implant is used to control the actions of an entire group of thetans in exactly the same way, such as the entire population of a planet. This type of implant is called a mass implant and it means that groups of thetans {instead of just one} are taken to the same place at the same time and given the same implant all at once. This type of implant has a very adverse effect on a thetan’s future.

Following a mass implant the only experience any thetan will believe it has in common with any other thetan is the mass implant. The thetans are then forced to collide in to one another and mis-own each other’s mental image pictures of the event. This transparently re-configures all thetans to be the same thetan. They are held in place against their will and bonded to each other by their own misowned mental image pictures from the mass implant they are unable to view due to the amnesia producing nature of the electricity used in the mass implant procedure.

A mass implant can be compared to a courtroom of 75 men all with the name James Smith. The judge calls James Smith and “James Smith” comes forward.

A thetan in a state of spiritual bondage to another thetan this way is called a body thetan {or BT}. More than one BT bonded to another is called a cluster. A cluster may be small or large made of a few or many BT’s.

BT’s And clusters that form from a mass implant will bond randomly to a single host thetan that then unconsciously transports them with it from body to body, from lifetime to lifetime. In the body of a human being BT’s and clusters will copy the mental image pictures of the engrams, drug experiences and implants their host acquires and copy them as their own. Eventually, a BT’s mental image pictures will get in the way of the host’s own thought processes depending upon how similar the host’s real life environment is to the content of it’s BT’s mental image pictures. Irrational thoughts, actions, physical trauma and even death can come about in a host that unknowingly misidentifies a BT’s mental image pictures as being of its own creation. BT’s and clusters are the source of such things as “illnesses that have been in a family for generations”.

     A BT and cluster can remain in a state of amnesia after a mass implant rendering it incapable of copying any of its host’s experiences. This type of BT is called a dormant BT or cluster. A dormant BT or cluster has been rendered “dead” or “comatose like” and just lies dormant and attached to a host thetan. Dormant BT’s and clusters couldand would make copies of their host’s experiences but only in the unlikely event that they were ever roused to consciousness from the state that they are in. Dormant BT’s and clusters are the source of such things as “conditions in life that won’t budge”.

A body thetan must recognize that is has misowned another thetan’s mental image pictures and not its own in order to free itself, but due to the electrical amnesia producing nature of the electricity used in the implant, this becomes impossible.

There is only one mass implant on record that took place on Earth about 75 million years ago. This event is called Incident II and in Scientology is also referred to as the “Wall of Fire”. Only people on Earth have Incident II in common with one another.






     About 95 million years ago an interplanetary civilization called the Marcab Confederacy was founded in another part of our galaxy. It survived for over 20 million years composed of 76 planets of which primitive Earth {then called Teegeeack} was a part. The planets orbited 21 nearby large stars. Life in the Confederacy resembled a busy 1950’s Earth metropolis but with spacecraft that couldtravel faster than the speed of light and other such marvels commonplace.

Before the Marcab Confederacy became extinct it was under the leadership of a galactic overlord {a man} named Xenu and defended by a good will group called the Loyal Officers.

About 75 million years ago nearly 200 billion people lived on each of the planets creating a very crowded living situation. The overpopulation problem was blamed on Xenu and he was asked to resign from office. Xenu did not wish to resign. Because he had renegade armies and implant psychiatrists at his disposal in all this confusion, he took advantage of their services and devised a mass implant to be carried out on the people as a way of handling the overpopulation issue once and for all.

Fake centers were set up that all the citizens were sent notices to come to so their tax records could be audited. As the unsuspecting people arrived {some brought forcefully} they were chemically freeze dried {a suspended animation type state} to prevent their souls {or thetans} from exiting their bodies.

The paralyzed people were stacked in DC-8 like looking spaceships and taken to Teegeeack {Earth} and there dumped at the bases of volcanoes in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Atomic weapons were then detonated on the volcanoes vaporizing the people’s bodies and displacing their souls about the Earth’s atmosphere.

The disembodied thetans were recollected on electrical ribbon like traps that moved through the air. Once trapped in the ribbon they were transported to a pre-built Earth implant station packaging center {one in the Atlantic Ocean for citizens that were blown up at a volcano in the Atlantic Ocean and one in the Pacific Ocean for citizens that were blown up at a volcano in the Pacific Ocean}. The implant station resembled a multi-screen cinema and it is here {at one of the packaging centers} that all the thetans were given the same exact 3-dimensional video, audio and sensory mass implant for a period of 36 straight days. After 36 days the implant was stopped and the thetans were packaged into clusters in the boxes they were held in and then abandoned on Earth for all of eternity.

 The implant contains deranged social, political, ethnic, scientific, religious, economic and justice system blueprints for a society. 3 Explanations for the atomic explosions are given in the implant. The human reactive mind was genetically engineered as part of the blueprint for our society. Everything people on Earth believe true about themselves {i.e. heaven, hell, God, Satan, demons, angels, life in space, languages, religions, traditions, plots for wars, modern psychology etc.} are all part of this implant that was designed and intended to never be discovered by anyone except those who originally engineered it.

After 6 years of battle Xenu was captured by Loyal Officers and banished to the inside of a mountain off the northwest coast of Africa on the Isle of Madeira. He is held captive in an electric prison powered by an eternal battery and is still imprisoned there today. Anyone else associated with this catastrophic event in any way perished within 6 years.

About 16 trillion thetans were brought to Earth during this time and implanted. The Confederacy is gone except for distant remnants in space that remain an uninhabited wasteland.

Incident II

     Scientologists believe this implant to be the event that wiped out the Earth’s early pre-historic dinosaur population. The atomic explosions at the volcanoes {from Marcab weapons hundreds of times more powerful than anything that exists on Earth} artificially melted and fused layers of the Earth’s crust. This would make determining the true age of these rocks almost impossible when encountered by any modern day geologist unaware of this event.






     Eventually the radioactivity on Earth decreased and some life re-emerged. Those thetans left on Earth after implanting occupied the bodies of the first inhabitable life forms available, such as clams on the beaches. As more life forms emerged the thetans migrated through evolutionary progress to the bodies of human beings forming a society that is pre-engineered to unknowingly and involuntarily go wrong as it is based on this implant.

Located close to Earth is a between lives implant station that a thetan must report to between lifetimes for implanting in accordance with Incident II. The implant station itself is protected from any form of detection by electronic cloaking.

Once a person dies and leaves their body the implant station appears as a light. The light is electrical in nature and will produce amnesia in a thetan if contacted. The thetan is immobilized, drawn into the station and once inside, mental image pictures on the time track are portrayed on screens. The thetan is given a heavy electrical implant erasing any memory of its past life and re-implanted with the “latest information” previewing on the screens and then sent back to Earth to search for a new body to occupy just moments before it is born.

Once the thetan is back in a body the cycle of:  Birth > Life > Death > Implant > Birth  repeats itself.




     Scientology claims it is a religion, the philosophic text of which provides all the missing knowledge that originally led to the mishaps of Incident I and Incident II. This knowledge undoes any of the adverse effects of those events and prevents any future type such events from ever possibly coming about. As a by-product of this, a being’s immortality and inherent spiritual abilities are restored to them for the first time.

This is the source of people’s attraction and devotion to the Church of Scientology.


por Lawrence Toomajan










Suppressive Person {SP}: a person opposed to the activity of Scientology
20% Of society is composed of SP’s.
2½% Of SP’s are dangerous {such as Adolf Hitler}

Potential Trouble Source {PTS}: a person in league with an SP
80% Of society is composed of PTS people

Degraded Being {DB}: person that is “normally” PTS in life and only listens to and believes SP’s. 1 In every 18 people are DB’s.

PTS means one’s actions are fueled by an SP and SP’s are out to get Scientology. This can manifest itself by a Scientologist becoming ill during auditing giving birth to the idea auditing does not work or seeking other solutions to the problems one is being trained and audited to solve and possibly believing those solutions will work better than Scientology.

There are 3 types of PTS people determined by the manner in which they are connected to an SP:

Type I: Immediate {spouse, child, parent, in-law, sister etc.}
Type II: 
Remote {co-worker, ex-spouse, store clerk, landlord etc.}
Type III: 
Unavailable {the PTS person is a mental institution type case}

Within those 3 categories are 10 sub-categories from Type A to J that further define what to expect from the person in the way of manifestations {such as someone that will most likely wind up wanting to sue the church, or someone that will most likely call the police on an auditor, or someone that will refer people to the church that cannot be helped just to help the person later get a refund etc., etc., etc.}.

SP’s Have anti-social characteristics that distinguish them from social personality types who have the exact opposite in attributes an SP does. Scientologists are trained and counseled to identify both SP’s and PTS people to enable them to better handle either such type in life. A church intelligence department compiles lists of SP’s and their organizations and a church Ethics Officer uses these compiled lists as a guide in handling troubled Scientologists.

A Psychiatrist is considered an SP by the church in any capacity and any person that receives psychiatric treatment is automatically declared PTS.



Anti Psychiatry Rally Of Scientologists









     If an ethics officer determines that your 14 year old son is an SP and that you are PTS to him, the options are to either bring that child to an understanding about Scientology so that any antagonism ceases and/or disconnect from the child and/or be expelled from the church. This means that in Scientology one must literally do what the church says, even if the church says one must throw one’s 14 year old son out into the street because he is believed to be evil. As difficult to believe as that may sound is as true as it is.

A Scientologist that is declared an SP {expelled} will have this expulsion placed in writing about them and then sent to Scientologists anywhere in the world by the church, determined by who it is the church feels will most be able to benefit the church by having this information to act on. Following an SP declare no one in the church is any longer allowed to associate or communicate in any way with the declared person {personally, professionally, sexually, socially etc.}. This is called disconnection and it is a practice the church ruthlessly engages in. Any Scientologist found in violation of this practice will eventually find themselves in the same situation as the declared person if the matter is left unaddressed.

 1. A declared SP’s children are enrolled in a Scientology private school?
         The children are expelled from the school and any contract with the SP and/or regarding the SP’s children becomes non-binding.

 2. A declared SP’s employer is a Scientologist?
The SP’s employment is terminated and a copy of the declare is sent to other potential professional contacts the person may appeal to for help.

3. A declared SP has money left in their church account?
The church confiscates any money without notifying the declared person of this action, without any regard of any legal, moral and ethical right the declared person may still have to the money.

4. A declared SP was a Class VI auditor and OT VIII at the time of their declare?
        All of their certificates for training and auditing they have received are cancelled. Meaning, this person is now viewed as an untrained raw public person.

Reversing an SP declare is a strenuous non-rewarding activity involving a series of steps called “Steps A to E” that a declared person must complete in order to regain any kind of standing in the church again once such is lost.

A declared SP is allowed contact with only one person in the church called the International Ethics and Justice Chief {or IEJC}. SP’s Are viewed by the church as dangerously insane people. Contact with the IEJC is carried out through a 3rd party person in the church {a liaison} a declared person must go through in order to have their communication heard and reverse their SP declare.

When and if an SP declare is reversed, the former SP must retrain and be re-audited at their own expense a second time all the way up to the training and auditing level they were at when they were declared in order to continue on to what might have been their next level or action. Potentially it can cost a person $1,000,000.00 just to be declared and then get into good standing in the church again.

Disconnection is in accordance with L. Ron Hubbard’s written scriptures regarding the handling of SP’s.






     Scientologists sign an agreement with the church that they will be turned over to the church for help in the event they ever develop symptoms of any kind of behavior a psychiatrist would normally address. For example, if a Scientologist is placed in a hospital emergency room psychiatric observation ward for emotional trauma related to witnessing a crime, a Scientologist will come when and if notified and bring the person to the church for help instead. This practice, although seemingly warm and caring, is not guaranteed medically sound.

     Scientologists use a form of auditing called the Introspection Rundown to restore the behavior of people that act in a psychologically impaired manner that is always attributed by Scientologists to be brought on by an affiliation with an SP, hence the church’s hard line attitude toward SP’s. The PTS person is locked in a room alone outside of which stand a security guard and a specially trained auditor in 24 hour attendance. The auditor passes a note under the door to the person with a question written on it and waits for any form of a response. Any kind of a response is handled by the auditor with a new note under the door with a new written response on it to the person. No outside help of any kind may be summoned or any other procedure used for the person other than this auditing.

The rundown takes at most 72 hours to complete and is continued until the C/S in charge decides the person is OK to be let out. By OK to be let out means the person has stopped screaming on the top of their lungs at everyone or exhibiting some other form of what the church considers to be psychotic type behavior that would normally attract the services of a psychiatrist. Upon release the person is closely watched for a time.

In December 1995, a Florida woman named Lisa McPherson died on the 17th day of her Introspection Rundown auditing.



Lisa McPherson



LISA MCPHERSON {1959-1995}






     Public people that disagree with Scientology and are not members of the church cannot be declared SP’s or expelled so, the Guardian Office {GO} was formed by L. Ron Hubbard in 1966, as a private branch of the church to address bad publicity. L. Ron Hubbard’s wife Mary Sue Hubbard was appointed head of the GO with the purpose to:

  “Document and handle any people critical of Scientology and any bad publicrelations events such individuals cause.”



Mary Sue Hubbard



MARY SUE HUBBARD {1931-2002}



     In 1979, Mary Sue Hubbard and at least 8 other GO staff were sent to federal prisons after being found guilty of domestic espionage against the Unites States government. Mrs. Hubbard along with other members of the church acquired fake government security clearance I.D.’s and used them to burglarize the offices of officials in the U.S. Justice Department and the I.R.S. hoping to locate and destroy any damaging information the government might have in its possession about the Church of Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard. In addition they attempted to place false information in the government’s files about itself so public officials and agencies would attack each other publicly. The plot was code named “Operation Snow White” by the GO. A Scientologist that was aware of the burglaries but later left the church volunteered information about “Operation Snow White” to the F.B.I. who in turn acting on this information conducted raids on Scientology churches in 1977 that led to the 1979 prison sentences of Mary Sue Hubbard and her co-conspirators.

During the 1977 church raids by the government, the F.B.I. uncovered written information concealed in church files that detailed crimes the GO carried out against the church’s perceived enemies. One notable discovery was that of information regarding a former New York City investigative journalist named Paulette Cooper Noble. Ms. Noble had published some articles and a short book about Scientology that the church did not think was in their favor. Through covert means the GO acquired stationary with Ms. Noble’s fingerprints on it that the GO then used to write a fake bomb threat to themselves on. Ms. Noble was arrested and charged with this crime but later vindicated for it and she resultantly sued the Church of Scientology for $55 million dollars.

Paulette Cooper Noble




     In 1982, the GO was renamed OSA {short for Office of Special Affairs} to distance the church from Mary Sue Hubbard and the GO’s activities as L. Ron Hubbard and his wife Mary Sue eventually divorced.

To prevent L. Ron Hubbard from being sent to prison as master mind of the GO, Scientologists hid him in a house in California where he remained a fugitive until the time of his death in 1986.






     One attack policy called “The Fair Game Law” is applied to enemies of the church by the church’s “Public Relations” offices formerly the GO and now OSA.

A Scientologist appointed to Fair Game a perceived church enemy may by any means available cheat, steal from, deprive of property, financially ruin, slander, libel, physically attack and even murder if necessary their target. The church views this as an ethical act and will reward the Scientologist with VIP status in the church and immunity from justice through the use of highly paid corrupt attorney’s. Former Scientologists can become the target of Fair Game by leaving the church and then speaking out about corruption in the church to the press or media. A popular method of Fair Gaming former Scientologists that talk to the press is to acquire and publish to the internet the confidential religious confessionals the people previously communicated to their church auditors regarding their previous transgressions in life. Some of the most “upstanding Scientologists” are the people most likely to Fair Game others, including former fellow church members.

In May 1990 a New York City college student named Noah Antrim Lottick aged 24, was involved in Scientology in New York City through the financial help of his parents. One night he left a party going on at the church and walked up the street to a 28 story hotel and jumped out of one of its 10th floor windows with $171.00 in his hand killing himself. Noah’s parents Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lottick tried to investigate the matter with the church but got nowhere furthering their suspicion that the church had caused his suicide.



Noah Lottick






Mr. & Mrs. Edward Lottick






     If a Scientologist had reported to authorities facts that led to the church being held legally responsible for Noah Antrim Lottick’s death, that person would have been declared an SP and Fair Gamed.

Noah’s parents were given a complimentary tour of the New York City church by Scientologists there during their period of mourning in which they open heartedly tried to unravel the cause of their son’s death with the church. The church was not only not moved but flatly refused to turn over to them any money they had given Noah that was still left in his church account. A church spokesperson in New York City gave as a reason:

  “…we don’t do that, refund money…Noah seemed like such a nice guy…we had no idea he was like that …we will miss him…”






     In January 2008 a group named Anonymous began protesting Scientology churches internationally. Regarded by public law enforcement officials, community leaders and business people as civil, peaceful non-violent protestors, Anonymous activists are frequently verbally and physically attacked at their protests by members of the church outraged by the gatherings.

Anonymous vs the Church of Scientology


     Many former high profile public members and top executives of the church have left the church and gone public with the activities they took part in and/or witnessed as members of the church. A whole new wave of books, short films and web sites has emerged specifically aimed at alerting people to the practices of the Church of Scientology.

This diary is a vital and necessary contribution to information available about the Church of Scientology.


por Laurence toomajan